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United States
otaku at large

Current Residence: pekin IL
Favourite genre of music: anime soundtracks
Favourite cartoon character: guts
Personal Quote: this is no time to be sittin around suckin snot, after you lunchmeat.

my style: it doesn't always have to be about porn.

i respect the series i use and do not own them. i only own the story/idea their applied to
ok here's what i'm going to be showing at the otaku shack this year  remember i show more than just anime.  if you're wondering why its so the new generation can see something they've never seen before and maybe get them interested in older stuff.
curious on coming? then visit

9:00 AM
unico and the island of magic
91 minutes rated g

10:30 AM
cardcaptor sakura the movie
86 minutes rated g

11:56 AM
super grand prix
60 minutes rated g

12:56 AM
sea prince and the fire child
108 minutes rated g

2:48 PM
dragonball z the worlds strongest
60 minutes  rated pg

3:48 PM
princess mononoke
134 minutes rated pg-13

6:00 PM
project a-ko
86 minutes  rated pg-13

7:26 PM
ranma 1/2 big trouble in nekonron, china
74 minutes rated pg

8:40 PM
geobreeders episode 1
30 minutes rated pg-13

9:10 PM
90 minutes rated r

10:40 PM
gunsmith cats episode 1
30 minutes rated r

11:10 PM
fist of the north star
110 minutes rated r

17 hours

9:00 AM
a journey through fairy land
95 minutes rated g

10:35 AM
60 minutes rated g

11:25 AM
saber rider and the star sheriffs episode 1
30 minutes rated g

11:55 AM
batman christmas with the joker
30 minutes rated g

12:25 AM
teenage mutant ninja turtles episode 1
30 minutes rated g

12:55 AM
the last unicorn
93 minutes rated g

2:28 PM
bravestar the movie
88 minutes rated g

3:42 PM
gobots battle of the rock lords
74 minutes  rated g

4:58 PM
jason and the argonauts
104 minutes rated g

6:42 PM
king kong vs godzilla
91 minutes rated pg

8:12 PM
transformers the movie
86 minutes rated pg

9:38 PM
rock and rule
77 minutes pg

10:55 PM
jackie chans police story
100 minutes rated r

12:25 PM
american pop
96 minutes rated r

17 hours


9:00 AM
sonic the hedgehog the movie
60 minutes rated g

10:00 AM
75 minutes rated g

11:15 AM
ushio and tora episode 1
30 minutes rated pg

11:45 AM
final fantasy legend of the crystals
120 minutes rated pg-13

1:45 PM
sailor moon super s the movie
60 minutes rated pg

2:45 PM
bubblegum crisis episode 1
30 minutes rated pg-13

6.15 hours

see you there!

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Here is my request. If this is not your thing, that's fine. The main 6 Azumanga Daioh girls into animals after being taken to an abandoned circus.
Chiyo-Chan -> Bat
Osaka -> Donkey
Tomo -> Monkey
Yomi -> Elephant
Kagura -> Sea Lion
Sakaki -> Giraffe 
AprilONeil1984 Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2015
you have an awesome gallery!
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