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United States
otaku at large

Current Residence: pekin IL
Favourite genre of music: anime soundtracks
Favourite cartoon character: guts
Personal Quote: this is no time to be sittin around suckin snot, after you lunchmeat.

my style: it doesn't always have to be about porn.

i respect the series i use and do not own them. i only own the story/idea their applied to
ok heres what i'll be showing at animezap this year 
10 am
animal treasure island
78 minutes rated g

11:18 am
robby the rascal
90 minutes rated g

12:48 am
dragon ball the path to power
80 minutes rated pg

2:02 pm
robotech ll the sentinels
90 minutes pg

3:32 pm
lupin the 3rd the fuma conspiracy
73 minutes  rated pg

4:45 pm
explorer woman ray
60 minutes rated pg

5:45 pm
92 minutes rated pg

7:17 pm
cowboy bebop the movie
115 minutes rated r

9:12 pm
rurouni kenshin the kyoto arc
90 minutes 14 and up

10:42 pm
ogre slayer
60 minutes rated r

11:42 pm
50 minutes rated r

14 hours 40 minutes


10 am
saturday morning cartoons
the legend of zelda
street fighter
bucky o'hare
toxic crusaders
2 hours  rated g

12 am
the phantom tollbooth
89 minutes rated g

1:29 pm
the hobbit
78 minutes rated g

2:47 pm
gullivers travels
70 minutes rated g

3:57 pm
nutcracker fantasy
82 minutes rated g

5:19 pm
batman mask of the phantasm
77 minutes  rated pg

6:36 pm
godzilla vs mechagodzilla
97 minutes rated pg

8:14 pm
jackie chans dragon strike
86 minutes rated pg-13

9:40 pm
enter the dragon
99 minutes rated r

fire and ice
81 minutes rated r

14 hours  50 minutes


10 am
animation runner kuromi
40 minutes rated pg

10:40 am
assemble insert
60 minutes rated pg

11:40 am
night warriors episode 1 and 2
90 minutes  rated pg

1:10 pm
hurricane live 2032
25 minutes rated pg

1:35 pm
fatal fury legend of the hungry wolf
50 minutes rated pg

4 hours 25 minutes

for more information check out

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